A brief look back at an eventful year

I hope you enjoyed reading our blogs during the year. We  tried to cover and comment on the changing mood of the property market and the people who are involved. That would be mostly you!

It has certainly been a memorable year and not all for good reasons. As soon as the market settled down after the general election in 2015, we were forced to vote "stay or go" in an EU referendum held in June. Don't let anyone tell you it didn't make a difference. It did, but not necessarily because we simply voted to leave. It was the overwhelming negativity from some serious people in the profession together with the "remain" politicians that caused the media to talk down the market and begin the scare mongering. It took until September to recover.

However, there were many other things throughout the year that caught our eye and here are just a few.  In February we talked about how sea, lakes and rivers affect prices. Also, why top floor apartments are worth more. In April we asked if the British had become property addicts and another piece questioned whether we should check out the neighbours before buying. In May were able to tell you that property prices had risen 2137% since the last referendum on the EU in 1975.

June was full of the aftermath of Brexit and the need to talk up the market and in July we recommended all sellers should take good advice from traditional experts before making any crucial decisions. September suggested that "boring old data" can be really helpful in finding the real reasons for peaks and troughs in the market and the "lucky you" article encouraged buyers and sellers to use the best, just as the successful Rio Olympians were the best.

In November, we castigated the Chancellor for not reducing property stamp duty and not just for the wealthy. A slight change would have brought many rewards for buyers, but importantly, probably no loss of revenue for the treasury. It didn't happen though. In December, the Millennials were compared to the older generation of house buyers and sellers and how they are different in attitude, technology and life style. It reminds me of an Oscar Wilde quotation, " the old believe everything, the middle aged suspect everything and the young know everything".

There were one or two articles every month on our home page and they covered a variety of subjects. All can be read again in the archive section just below this blog. I hope you have enjoyed them, even if you have not always agreed with them.

On behalf of the management and staff at Martyn R Cox & Co., I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Martyn Cox