April showers?

The property market is sometimes like the weather. Some days it is fine and other days it rains. Occasionally, it really doesn’t know what it’s doing. The market is a bit like that at the moment. Just when it looks as if there is no momentum, there is a surge of interest and then as quickly as it comes it slows - just like an April shower.

In this pre-general election period buyers and sellers seem to lurch between wanting to do something, but at the same time worrying about doing it. It is almost as if they know there are so many factors in place that make buying a new home favourable, but  there are others which could in the future weigh against such an important decision.

The answer for some seems to be, do nothing, but for many that is not possible. Parents with young children may need to move before the autumn term for good schooling reasons. Then there are the work-related movers and those whose lives have reached a stage where selling and/or buying is a matter of necessity rather than choice.

It is hard to think of a period in the past seven or eight years when there has been a better time to be propelled into a sale or purchase. With low interest rates this will be a good time to make a move and with others holding back, there will be some great opportunities.

So if you are going to buy or sell in the coming months when the weather in the property market seems fickle, as long as you take some sensible precautions – just like wearing a mac or taking an umbrella - there is no real reason to get wet. In fact by the time all the others come out from wherever they have been sheltering you will be home and dry.

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