Selling a home often boils down to two questions - how much can I get and how quickly can I get it? Here is a simple three-point plan called DEAL.

D stands for desire. First your home should be looking as desirable as it is possible for you to make it. Remember, buyers have a choice so make sure yours is looking its best.

E and A stand for estate agent. This is the person who is going to fight for you. This is the person who has sold hundreds of properties, many just like yours. This is the person who knows the local market backwards, knows the value of your home, knows the likely buyers and who will be relentless in getting you the very best deal from the very best buyer. Your estate agent should also be a wizard at getting deals across the line.

L stands for lawyer. Sellers may be surprised to learn that the average property sale in the UK now takes an astonishing 17 weeks. We don't need to go into all the lamentable reasons why it takes this long, so choosing the right lawyer is important. You need one who will work with your estate agent, one who will agitate, push and cajole the sale through to completion. You most certainly don't want a lawyer or conveyancing administrator who will wait around and let the whole thing take its slow meandering course. Done well, a transaction can be finalised in 8 weeks. 

So there you have it. Get the DEAL right and you are well on the way to achieving the optimum price in the best time.