From a Real Estate Agent in the USA, but parts ring true here too!


You’ve heard the old saying “location, location, location”.  The real truth is “location, condition price”.  Price trumps every other factor.  Location affects the value of a home, but it’s price that sells a home.  Ocean front, mountainside or penthouse, the most desirable location in the world will not sell at the wrong price.  Every property has a potential buyer, but like Rock, Paper, Scissors, it’s sometimes hard to know which factor is going to win the showdown. 

A good location will sell at a fair price.  A bad location will sell at a fair price too, it just won’t be as high as it would be for a good location.  A home in good condition will sell for a fair price.  A home in poor condition will also sell at a fair price, but again it won’t be as high as a comparable home in better condition. Neither location or condition will sell any house, only one thing does that – price.  

So, if you’re a seller waiting for that “special buyer” who will appreciate your faded pink and black bathroom tiles, your vintage orange shag carpet and is willing to help you put your kids through college, you may have a long wait.  If your home is represented by an agent, and it’s been on the market for some time, chances are it’s your doing. Maybe you didn’t listen to your agent when he said you’re pricing your home above the market.  Maybe you got mad at the first few folks who looked at your home and didn’t make offers.  When the viewings stopped completely, maybe you thought your agent wasn’t doing a good enough job. Regrettably, it’s not about what you want or how much you need. It’s about the price. ( a personal view from an American agency

So the “big pond” may separate our countries, but not our thoughts on how to successfully sell our homes it seems.  Get it right, check out the value with Martyn R Cox & Co.