Give buyers at least 30 seconds!

A recent small online survey apparently suggests that buyers decide whether they want to own a home within 30 seconds to five minutes of starting a viewing.

The study suggested that the old clichés were in fact true - cleanliness, smell and fresh flowers were crucial in forming a good impression, while judgments were also made on how modern and bright the kitchen was and how tidy and clean paintwork and wallpaper were.

The majority of buyers form an impression of the property very quickly which is why getting it right early on will set the tone for the rest of a viewing. Most popular as a ‘welcome in’ gesture at viewings was the presence of fresh flowers, followed by the smell of baked bread.

The research confirmed that artificial aromas could feel overpowering and to some buyers implied sellers were trying to hide something sinister such as damp.

There is no doubt that location and price are still the main factors, but why give potential buyers the opportunity to have any negative thoughts. Make sure your home is well presented and try to view it as someone else would. Sometimes an owner is so used to their surroundings they can’t see the wood for the trees. If baked bread is just too much, how about fresh coffee.

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