Here’s an interesting concept- Love your agent!

An interesting piece has been written from within our profession, albeit somewhat tongue in cheek, which says people often blame estate agents in the same way that they shoot messengers. When their property dreams don’t materialise, who else do they have to blame?

Given the frustrations of our property-buying system, the cheapest in the developed world and one the government refuses to regulate in even the most basic way, there are plenty of weak links where those who could face blame enjoy hiding behind the estate agent.

Many buyers and sellers erroneously think that, once an offer has been accepted on a UK property, it is sold – it’s not. Until contracts have been exchanged, anyone can pull out of a deal – buyer or seller – and very many do. That’s a lot of heartache and lost money.”

If the buyer pulls out because the deal simply takes too long, it could be for a number of reasons but very few, if any are the fault of the agent. One argument is that solicitors can be slow, but it’s much easier to blame the agent rather than a lawyer. Nor is it the agent’s fault if there is gazumping or gazundering as long as it is handled professionally and within the guide lines of the Code of Conduct. Gazumping is caused by greed and is not liked or promoted in our office.

However, there are good reasons why you should love your agent. Very few property dreams come true without one. It may surprise you, but only 20% or so of the work an agent does goes into advertising your property or putting details on one of the massive property portals. 80% is reserved for the work that cajoles, begs, drives, counsels, buys, kicks, obsesses over and finesses all the elements mentioned above.

Here at Martyn R Cox & Co, we do everything we can to bring about a successful sale and show respect for all parties concerned. We also receive many letters, emails and cards with thanks for the work we do and the successes we create. They are all very much appreciated. However, they are for the transactions that go through. The ones that fall through, sometimes for the most obscure reasons,  often produce anger and frustration. The “abortive sale” is always going to be with us, but those decisions are often made by the people involved and blame should be carefully apportioned.  The statistics quoted may vary and must be treated as approximate.