Home may be where the heart is, but with conditions!

A recent survey of 1,000 British home owners asked what led them to fall in love with their homes and which factors they consider non-negotiable when buying a property. It seems buyers are swayed by more than an attractive price tag.

This new study reveals what it takes to get people excited about buying a house. A safe and friendly neighbourhood took the top spot with 60% of the vote, followed closely by the price of the property (52%).

The local community also proved to be a key selling point for 45-54 year olds - with a huge 73% suggesting this as a major factor in their decision-making process. 38% said room size and living space was really important.

For 31% of participants, a good-looking garden is what got them to sign on the dotted line - and half of over-65s declared this is the ultimate highlight of their homes. Natural elements proved popular across the board; with a fifth of those surveyed saying natural light is what they love most about their home. 

Just over half of all respondents believe the price of a property is the most important aspect when it comes to making an offer. Generation Y * are more price-conscious with 18-24 (57%) and 25-34 year olds (69%) admitting the asking price was the thing that ultimately swayed their decision.

When it comes to a property’s appearance, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts - For 17% of male respondents; the outward appearance of a house is a deciding factor - while 18% of women favour the property’s interior design. According to 35% of all respondents, parking availability is a key issue when it comes to deciding on a suitable property - and more than half of over-65s agree.

For 14% of homeowners, accessibility is a deal-breaker - with proximity to local transport networks and amenities proving particularly important. Respondents were also invited to offer up their own answers when it came to the reason they fell in love with their home and what they consider to be the key factors when buying a house - with answers including the property’s character, affordability and a double garage.

So perhaps it’s not always about price, but about value. Perceived value, not necessarily in monetary terms, but lifestyle, convenience, schools, transport and the expectation of happiness all play their part.

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 *Generation Y, also known as "eco warriors" born in the 80's &  90's. Original survey by Flooring Republic .