Congratulations to the Royal couple on the birth of their son. Prince George of Cambridge, is third in line to the thrown, pushing Prince Harry back to fourth.

For the first time in 120 years, there are three living members of the Royal family who are in direct line and heirs to the thrown, while there is a sitting Monarch. Queen Elizabeth II of course, then Prince Charles, Prince William and now Prince George. When Queen Victoria was reigning over the land, there were also three living immediate heirs to the thrown. Her son Edward, who became Edward 7th. His son George, who became George V and his son David, who briefly became Edward 8th. All male descendants on both occasions, but this time if Kate had given birth to a daughter, the law would have changed to allow her to be Queen.

A staggering thought is that the new Prince could actually be reigning over Great Britain and the Commonwealth in the 22nd century. How things will have changed by then. Will there be a Commonwealth, or a even a Monarchy? How will people live their lives? How will housing meet the needs of the population? And any thoughts on house prices? Who knows, but almost certainly up! Prices have increased 50 fold since 1914. You do the math.

All the staff at Martyn R Cox & Co would like to wish the happy family the best of health and happiness in the future.