If you are going to sell, get market ready now

Some interesting results from a recent survey suggest that the Chancellor should listen to growing concern from the public as well as estate agents. 

Over one third of people say they would like the government to change the price brackets for stamp duty bands, while almost as many want the duty to be scrapped completely. 

Some 31 per cent of people would like a mansion tax on homes worth 2m to be introduced while a similar number think the Help to Buy schemes should be extended. Many do not agree with a mansion of course and there is a debate currently raging.

It is understandable that buyers and sellers want policies that will help them. While these policies could temporarily help more people, it’s the house-building programmes that really needs ramping up so that there are more affordable homes for people to buy in areas of high demand according to recent research. 

Apparently only a small number of people say their home-moving decisions have been affected by the general election which is now less than six months away. It is certainly our view that anyone deciding to move home, should arrange that valuation now and place the property on the market. There are plenty of good selling months ahead and whatever the colour of the next government it will need to keep the economy strong and the housing market should be a priority.

For that pre-Christmas valuation, call now and be sure your property is on line over Christmas and the New Year and ready for full marketing in January. 01993 779020