Improve your home to sell or simply set a fair price?

It’s a fact that some properties sell quickly and some do not.  The usual answer to this is price and perceived value.   A property that has remained on the market for longer than the average time is probably overpriced, but it is not always the end of the story.  There are certain things that can be done to improve the appearance of a property and make it a more saleable proposition. 

These improvements or 'tips' come in different forms, some expensive and some quite simple.  The National Association of Estate Agents produced a report with some guidance and suggestions, many of which are obvious and some probably too expensive.  In fact, it is debateable whether spending money on your home or simply reducing the price is the best option in order to achieve a sale, however, here are a few of those tips.

Kerb appeal cannot be under estimated. Apparently it takes the average buyer just eight seconds to decide whether they like your home or not. First impressions really count. **

If the interior is dark and additional windows difficult or expensive to install, the clever use of mirrors opposite existing windows often reflects light and brightens up a room. 

Give your garden a makeover if you can.  Start by tidying away any litter, mowing your lawn, removing all perennial weeds and cutting back overgrowing trees and shrubs.

Re modelling a kitchen is not always as expensive as it seems.  Accessories make a huge difference. Doors can be replaced or painted; handles and even work tops can be upgraded. Under unit lighting often makes a big difference too. 

Remove busy wallpaper if possible or paint over it.  Neutral colours are best.

Replacement of internal doors can be expensive, but if they produce a modern look or are in keeping with the character of the building, so much the better. Certain doors look better painted.

The front door is also important as first impressions count.  It is not always necessary or possible to replace it, but make sure it’s in pristine condition.

Energy efficient appliances reduce the costs of bills and any product that reduces costs is an advantage and should be clearly stated in marketing material. Running costs are important to buyers.

Ideally windows should be double glazed, particularly near busy roads for sound, but also to conserve heat and ultimately reduce costs.  It will also keep maintenance down in the medium and longer term.

For the more ambitious seller, a loft conversion is probably the cheapest way to create an 'extension' to the accommodation.  However, this can still be expensive and not always possible so will only suit those who are hoping to increase the value of their home as well as making it more saleable.

It is generally accepted that keeping your home tidy, uncluttered, clean and well decorated, both inside and out, will help attract a buyer.  Selling a property is often quite hard work for the owner and the more effort that is put in, the greater the reward at the end, or at the very least, a quicker sale. For those who just want to sell quickly and walk away, the right price is crucial.

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** Information from several reports on the subject, but  it does not always apply.