Let's end indecision and move the market forward

I have been in the property profession for 50 years and have seen many elections, economic turmoils, national tragedies and international conflicts. They have one thing in common- they cause the public who would normally enter the maket without hesitation to “wait and see”. Well, there has been too much waiting.

Of course we understand the concerns; there have been three years of elections and indecision and even though the outcome of this election was unexpected, at least it has come and gone so hopefully we can get back to normal levels of business. We are already seeing signs of progress with higher numbers of instructions than in recent weeks. We sincerely hope a working government can be maintained and that the property market can move forward.

In order to help with this renewed confidence in selling, we are offering a commission reduction for a limited period which could make the difference when choosing an agent to sell your home. Here at Martyn R Cox & Co, we already provide a first class service and have a fantastic level of instructions and sales compared to many of our competitors. We have been around since 1988 and have the advantage of keeping the same experienced staff for very many years.

Selling is not just finding a buyer, it’s an experience which doesn’t end until you hand over the keys and you will need a knowledgeable and determined team on your side all the way through the process. That is what we do.

We are all keen to know what the future holds, but one thing is certain, the British public like to buy and sell property and that will never change. In order to get things moving, please call 01993 779020 to arrange a Free Valuation and obtain some good advice, without obligation.