Lucky you !

The fabulous Rio Olympics remind us that dedication, natural talent, great coaching; relentless training, self-belief and a total focus on winning are the things that create a gold medalist. Now the Paralympics will do the same. Luck comes last on the list; Olympians can’t rely on luck. Instead they depend on things they have control over. A 16th century proverb says, ‘Diligence is the mother of good luck’. It is diligence that wins gold medals.

If selling houses were an Olympic sport who would you wish to represent you? An inexperienced, poorly trained, badly equipped person whose ethos is cutting costs and in the main, relying on luck?  Or would you prefer a professional, armed to the teeth with an impressive array of features, benefits, experience and training, all designed to help you get the most from your sale?

Sadly there are many competitors entering the race for your business and offering cheap fees for a cheap service. Did the highly successful GB cycling team cut costs? No it did not. It did not put top riders on their parents’ old bikes and then hope that everyone else in the race would get a puncture. Instead it invested in technology. It invested in training. It invested in people. It invested in success. No stone was left unturned in preparing to come first. Winning a gold medal can be a life-changer for the recipient, but it can never be left to luck. Too much is at stake. Winning when selling your property can be a life-changer too as your home is a large part of your life. It provides shelter, helps sustain your family and it helps you to build security and wealth. It helps you win in life.

So when you are deciding who will represent you in selling your home, check out the competitors, weigh up their past successes, their experience, their desire to win and their complete disregard for luck - because the best agents make their own luck and that will be lucky for you.

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