Modern Techniques with Traditional Standards

So who does one turn to when the going gets tougher, when selling is harder and when finding a great buyer can’t simply be left to the internet (as if it ever could)?  Like most things in life when you need someone to show you the way it’s best to find someone who has been along that particular road before.

If you are selling your home in 2017 here are some important points about this current market that we as experienced estate agents understand only too well.

Don’t believe everything you read in the press.  The media is invariably three months behind the market and the national newspapers cannot reflect local market conditions that can swing wildly from county to county and even town to town.  But while conditions in some areas might be better than expected, in others there are growing challenges.

First time buyers should take advantage of this period while investors are still reeling from stamp duty hikes.

Start planning your 2017 sale early.  Don’t wait. In market terms there is little to wait for. Be prepared to be flexible on price and timing. This positive attitude will bring material benefits as well as peace of mind. Or you can dig your heels in and might be disappointed.

Remember that property values have risen over the past few years so even a negative correction in prices will have little real effect on those who have owned their property for over three years or so.  The notion of losing out is uncomfortable to anyone, but experienced movers understand they have to ride the ups and downs.

What one loses on the swings one gains on the roundabouts.  Price corrections work both ways – on the sale and the purchase.  This year could be a great year for finding and selling property, but for a “win win” you need to be realistic.

Use an experienced professional to show you the way.  Fee-cutting or online-only estate agents can be very attractive to the uninitiated, but don’t be beguiled.  You get what you pay for.  In this market a wise seller needs sage advice based on experience and know-how.  Sellers will need the services of those who offer their clients skill and candour as well as respect.

Finally there is no reason why a property that is well presented, in good order and priced correctly should not find an eager buyer, but the right advice is crucial from the start.

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