The press may tell us that fewer people are moving around the country. That could be true but what the media are not saying is that more people seem to be on the move within their own local communities.

So what does this mean for sellers today?  It means that if the property is being handled by an experienced local estate agent who is committed to achiveing the optimum value for your home and the pricing is right, the property will sell.

Who would you choose to sell your home?  Is it a "fee - no sale" or a "no sale - no fee" estate agent?   Some online companies nowadays simply charge an up-front fee to put a property on the internet but thereafter have no commercial interest in the outcome.  On the other hand, High Street estate agents charge a fee on a successful sale - so they remain fully invested in the transaction until completion.  There is a big difference.

Above all, remember that selling property isn't about getting over the start line, it is about getting over the finishing line.