Resolve to do something new or different

What would a New Year be without a resolution or two or three, but can you, will you keep them. The most common resolutions are surely dieting and smoking, but there are many more. Here are a few to ponder.

Be social, not just social networking  -  Contact people you once knew  - Travel, perhaps for a cause  -  Breath fresh air, get out more  -  Learn something new  -  Prepare a bucket list and gradually make it happen  -  Turn off your phone at meals both at home and dining out  -  Smile more, life's not so bad  -  Get and keep fit  -  Consider the many benefits of punctuality  -  and  if you are buying or selling a property in 2017, resolve to give us a try. We're really nice people and very good at what we do. We look forward to meeting you. Have a terrific start to 2017 and come and see us when you can. Best wishes from Martyn Cox and all the staff.

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