Sound advice can save money and stress

Recent research has suggested that a lack of sound estate agency advice could potentially cost homeowners thousands of pounds.

A nationwide study found 41% of homeowners, who have sold a house in the past five years, said the price they finally sold for was lower than their original target. It also showed that around one in 12 had to settle for a lower price than they had originally hoped for.

The research found sellers in London easily beat the national trend – just 6% of them had to accept a price reduction while in parts of the north around 56% ended up with less than they had expected. 

Price is not all that matters when you are selling your house, but it can be absolutely vital if you are relying on a certain price for your next purchase, which means realistic valuations are essential. There is an absolute need for good Independent advice focusing on what is important for sellers at the start of the process. Being optimistic is all well and good and sellers expect that from their agent, but gross overpricing to impress and simply to win the business is not in the least helpful or professional. At Martyn R Cox & Co, we discuss at the start what is most important to a client. That can include achieving the best price or making a quick sale. We also have specialist sales co-ordinators to ensure the sale runs smoothly right through to completion.

Interestingly, the survey shows that in our general region ( the South East and South Midlands ) about 42% of sellers reduced their price to sell and 19% achieved more than expected. Of course that may have something to do with the area itself and the seller’s own preferences when setting the asking price and negotiating offers. An agent can only act on what the client wants to do, but sensible advice is still crucial. So when you have your property valued this new year, why not contact Martyn R Cox & Co for an accurate and considered opinion. The price will always be your decision, but listening is good! Please call 01993 779020.

Research statistics provided by the Nottingham Building Society. Note: - the figures for our region were based on an average over a wide area.