The 7th May cannot come soon enough

Less than one week to go and election fever is in overdrive. Promises and pledges from all parties and the property market is very much in the front line. Topics include more general and social housing,  new homes allocated to first time buyers, mansion tax, longer rental periods, capped rents,  help to buy, interest rates, rising prices, brown field sites, north south divide, non doms, the London bubble and so it goes on.

It will all come out in the wash after 7th May and history tells us that the property market takes off following a general election, whoever is in charge, but with some extreme policies in the mix, who really knows?

What we do know is that many potential buyers are waiting for the outcome, so viewings may be a tad lower than expected. This should change very soon and not everyone is affected anyway as some property still sells in days.  Probably better for the market and the country as a whole when the dust settles and there is a return to normality. We certainly hope so!

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