The tried and tested methods are hard to beat

The large majority of people who have sold their home through a traditional estate agent were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience according to a report at the end of last year.
Out of 700 people asked, 82% expressed their satisfaction while just 4% of the survey conducted had used an online agent.

The report stated that many thought that a traditional high street estate agent could add 5% to the value of their home, so based on an average selling price of £290,000 that adds up to over £14,000. A total of 88% said they believed that face-to-face meetings with their estate agent were important.

Surprisingly perhaps 76% believed that high street agents charge a lot more than they actually do. A typical commission could be between 0.75% and 2.0% depending on the geographical location, but some members of the public thought it was closer to 10%. How wrong could they be!  

In our opinion Estate Agents fees are frequently misunderstood. We are not inflexible and our staff work incredibly hard to ensure all our sales reach a satisfactory conclusion. There are no upfront costs because our commission is on a No Sale No Fee basis. We are available for our clients and buyers all the time, not just at the end of a phone or computer in a central location somewhere in the UK.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that you can’t cover the country properly with a relatively small number of “experts” on the ground and hope to produce the type of service a traditional high street agent can provide. It’s about so many things, local knowledge, availability of staff, welcoming offices, experience and motivation fuelled by the fact that we won’t receive a penny of our commission if the sale fails.

From valuation to completion, we will see it through. We offer a skilled and professional service which requires clever negotiation skills to keep property chains together. Without our proactive efforts, many more sales would fall into the AS category (abortive sale). We use the internet of course, but ours is not an online DIY service - you get  much more than that from us.

For a Free Valuation, a full market appraisal and details of our no sale- no fee service, please call 01993 779020.

Original research courtesy of Instinctif