Time changes our needs and requirements

Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, thinks that we overestimate the amount of change which will happen over two years, but underestimate the amount of change over ten. This certainly seems to be the case with housing. Our tastes move on hugely over a decade as new materials, technology, design, even our experiences of staying in modern hotels can influence us. Public opinion and governmental policy also have their effect.

Underlying all these developments are the changes we see in our own lives; the amount of space we need to occupy, running costs, convenience and the time that could be spent doing other things - sometimes at stages in life like parenthood or retirement when time is increasingly precious.

Retirees for example have much to consider. Do they want to continue living in large family houses when there is no large family living there anymore? And the desire to head off to the country or coast, once the dream of many, is being overtaken by the desire to live in an exciting urban environment where there is life, opportunity, convenience and grandchildren. Growing old gracefully is no longer an appealing prospect to many.

We are beginning to see a real trend in adapting dated, multi-zone living spaces that segregate people within the home into larger more inclusive multi-functional areas. Eating, dining, entertaining and relaxing with family and friends are now desired in one large single-function area where the bi-fold door finally brings nature indoors and makes the garden an integral part of the house.

Those who seek to sell their old homes and look forward to enjoying all the benefits of the next one should spare a thought for the people they want to sell to. Don’t these buyers crave modern styles and fittings also? Home sellers should take this into account and either make their home attractive to the modern buyer or accept that the price may have to reflect essential improvements that will attract the buyers.. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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