Too much talking down and not enough optimism from above

The decision is made, we’re going to leave the European Union and there may a brief period of uncertainty until the dust settles because that is what usually happens when “the public” and that means all of us, assess our own positions. BUT, we are a breed of buyers and sellers, a nation of “home owners” and that will never change.  Years of experience has taught me that during and following any major event, albeit a general election, an independence vote, someone else's war, even big sporting occasions and extended holidays, there can be some hesitation. When you’re not sure, it’s easy to just sit on your hands, but in this case and in my opinion, it is not the right thing to do. The property market thrives on activity not fear, so "keep calm and carry on".

The forthcoming change to our International status should not alter our view about owning or aspiring to own property, whether a first time buyer, an investor or moving up due to family expansion.  The British public will continue to seek their first home, upgrade, downsize, retire, marry and ultimately pass on. There are many reasons why the supply of homes will continue and for the property market to remain stable. Our many lending institutions will continue to provide mortgages and Government schemes will still be available. Life will go on, so if you were thinking about a move but are tempted to put it on hold, press on, be positive and find the house of your dreams. There may be some surprising opportunities.

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Two quotes 24th July

"House prices will do what they have always done, follow the laws of supply and demand."

"There fundamentals of the UK property markets remain as do the strength of the Nation’s finances.