Waiting for the perfect house may not be the best move

The big challenge in this property market is the lack of time available to make a decision to buy. The fewer properties there are on the market, the more pressure there is on buyers to make a choice quickly. Figures show that in London alone there are multiple buyers for every property for sale and this is reflected in many other areas, certainly West Oxfordshire.

Gone are the days of casually inspecting various properties over a number of months and then taking weeks to make up your mind. In this market, blink and you will miss the best.

The trick is to know what you want and be in a position to move rapidly having a mortgage offer in principle and your property sold or at least under offer, but how do you know at which point to make the choice? The curse of the home buyer is when the first property viewed ticks all the boxes, but there is the temptation to pass in the hope that something better turns up. Very often it doesn't and all that remains is regret.

The thing about choosing a property is that our individual needs are unique, so no property will be faultless although we are searching for ten out of ten, maybe nine, but seven or eight out of ten is probably the most we can expect. That is why so many buyers go on to improve, extend and alter. If you demand a “ten out of ten” property from the start, you may be in for a long wait.

So the knack in this market is to recognise what you want in the things you can't change - location, garden size, etc - and be flexible with the things you might be able to change such as appearance, kitchens, bathrooms, decoration and size, because you can usually extend. It is possible to turn a seven out of ten into a nine or ten so it suits your particular needs.

As anyone who has missed a great chance through holding out for a perfect ten will tell you, it is better to be pragmatic and flexible. In this market decisive and quick action is required to avoid disappointment. Call us now on 01993 779020 and check out what's new and in the pipeline.