Which part of Witney suits your character?

Regardless of crime and income levels, people are happiest in an area that matches their personality claim researchers in a recent report about living in parts of London.

For a light hearted start to the year we could consider Witney in the same way, although we will leave you to decide where the extroverts and the disagreeable choose to live. We couldn’t possibly comment.

The bustling streets of central London draw crowds from far and wide, but according to a recent survey by psychologists, they are home to the most disagreeable people in the capital. Researchers used responses from 56,000 Londoners to compose maps of personality types across over 200 postal districts. These revealed the areas of London that are bursting with extroverts, dense with the disagreeable and teeming with people open to new experiences.

The central area is home to many who scored poorly on the psychologists’ agreeableness scale, a finding that might explain the professional success of the people living there. In an occupational setting, people who are successful tend to score low on agreeableness said a Cambridge psychologist. Apparently, being successful in various ways is helped if you don’t care who you upset. People open to new experiences were found mostly in outer London ( the villages for us) and the extroverts had the most life satisfaction. Where do all the extroverts live in Witney I wonder? 

Where we live matters, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. There is little doubt that living in an area that has characteristics that matter to you could enhance your overall life satisfaction.

Our conclusion is not “where is the best place to live in Witney”, but rather “where in Witney best suits your character”. That is the real question and the answer will be subjective.

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