Yet another reason to buy or not to buy- apparently!

As many as one in three would-be buyers or renters regard good mobile telephone coverage as a major influence on their decision making.

A recent survey by a company that provides independent mobile phone analytics - shows that 34 per cent of buyers and renters regard good phone coverage as vital.

This figure well exceeds the 23 per cent who believe close proximity to schools is a must-have in choosing a property. 
One of the main reasons people are concerned about the performance of their mobile at home is that 83 per cent of people have experienced poor signal strength at their home and 54 per cent have had difficulties with their mobile internet.

With landlines being used less frequently, 47 per cent have experienced poor call quality at home. Had they known about problems with their mobile performance before moving to their home, nearly a third (30 per cent) said it would have discouraged them from buying or renting the property.