A cheap estate agent or a great result?

With the property market now working in favour of buyers, negotiation between parties has suddenly become very important. Through the pandemic and its aftermath full and over-price offers were the order of the day. Frankly, it often wasn’t hard to do a deal then, but now the pendulum has swung the other way. Unfortunately, many sellers across the country haven’t quite got this message yet.  That is why, with many more buyers coming to the market, there are not as many people moving as there could be. 

Four things make a positive negotiation: a good attitude, flexibility, pragmatism and being seen to be reasonable. We need look no further than the recent political negotiations concerning Northern Ireland to show how previous talks broke down, when lately there has been far more progress. 

A good estate agent understands all these nuances and orchestrates the negotiation, smoothing out the inevitable ups and downs during an important and tense time. 

At Martyn Cox & Company we achieved 98.5% of the asking price, of our last 100 sales; with just 97 days from sale agreed to completion.

Today, if you are about to sell your property, the first thing you need is a great negotiator. So, do your homework. Having a deal maker on your side, and not an order taker, is vital. Ask yourself what is more important, a cheap estate agent or a great result?