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Senior Partner


Agency may not have been your No. 1 career choice at school, but now you’re in the business, you never want to leave. It’s more than a job to you, it’s in your blood and on your mind all of the time. You drift off to sleep with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. You dream about your future, sometimes anyway, and you wake early with a plan to turn your dreams into reality. Every morning you’re first in, most days you’re last to leave. Look around you now and admire all that you have created, at home and work. All of those things came about because of you. OK, so you encouraged others to help you, you built the team, they supported you willingly, but you had the vision, you led them, you motivated them, and you rewarded them. Ultimately though, the team delivered primarily because of you.

Your clients never call you, you’re always on the phone to them first. They appreciate hearing from you, they hang on your every word, and they follow your advice without question. Everyone trusts you. Clients appreciate it, even more when you visit them to talk things through, they love having you in their home. It’s been difficult to visit recently due to COVID restrictions, but you’ve found new ways to communicate, you may even video call, I’m not sure, but you’re always there for your buyers and sellers and they know it. Out of hours is no problem for you. Look at your Google Reviews, people LOVE the effort you put in and the commitment you show to their move. Valuation to instruction rates like yours are pretty impressive, you are very consistent. You win instructions because of you, not because you compromise on fees. You want to be paid well as a person to support your chosen lifestyle. You like nice things, but you enjoy treating others more. You work hard to bring in the fees, the very same fees that support your lifestyle, the lifestyle that you chose, and you deserve. You appreciate that to earn well as an individual, you need to earn well as a professional. This means delivering the very best service in town, no compromise, and simply ask clients to pay what you are worth. Some get it, some don’t, but you realise that not everyone wants what you are offering. You are a special person, and you deliver special outcomes. You get great prices for your client’s homes; you are the full package. It would be impossible to take on every new client that asks you to act for them, but those you reach an agreement with never look back. You don’t lock clients in with contracts, you retain their instructions through their confidence in you and their respect for you.

Witney is a truly wonderful West Oxfordshire Market Town that you can drive to within half an hour. I’m not sure quite how well you know the place that I call home, but well enough to want to make it a big part of your life. The mix of property makes every day interesting, and every opportunity exciting. Sure, there is some strong competition, but on your best days, you would knock spots off them all. Every day is a best day to you, it’s how you live your life.

Don’t worry about the slightly unsettling feeling of wanting to achieve more, that internal emotion is what has driven you to deliver the level of excellence you enjoy all of your life. Not many people have it, It’s not bad, it just needs to have the opportunity to flourish. You know that every problem has a solution, you are the one that creates a solution to every problem, and you are the one that gets it sorted. Problem, solution, execution. You’re ready for the next challenge now, what you are leaving behind is at the top of its game because of you. You don’t change employers often and you’re not exactly sure how it happens, but you get offered every job you go for (and some you don’t) and your existing employer never wants you to leave. You’ve heard of Martyn Cox & Company, you may know them well, they are Witney’s longest-serving independent Estate Agent after all. There’s a change going on that you may have noticed. New ownership, new IT hardware and software, upgraded solid line broadband, a new VOIP telecoms system integrated with Office 365 and Microsoft TEAMS. The full re-wire included an EV charging point to the rear to charge the two partners fully electric vehicles. A white Tesla Model 3 and a Ford Mustang, in delicious Martyn Cox & Company red! The thought of driving a Tesla has popped into your mind at least once just recently! The branch has been fully refitted, with new ceilings, flooring, furniture, artwork, and window displays. There are also one or two unique luxury touches that will become evident when you visit the branch. You’re great at repositioning brands, you truly want to make a difference. Influencing others from within and leading the way are two of your top qualities. A Senior Partner role that offers a path to even bigger and better things to keep you active for years to come could be what you’re looking for. An independent company where you work alongside the business owner but are left to run things your way. Turning good to great, it’s what you do.

Most people will not have read this far, some that reach the end may be intrigued. But for one person, that’s you, this is your next career move. The best you will ever make. You need to want this as much as I want you. This is about both of us and both of our futures. Lots to put in and lots to take out. This is you.


Timothy J May FNAEA 07751 200621, I’m waiting for your call with eager anticipation!

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