Swings and Roundabouts

Who remembers the boom-and-bust property markets of the early 1970s or the late 1980s? More people will remember recent mini booms and busts, general elections, the banking crisis, Brexit and, of course, the global pandemic. Over the years all these events, large and small, have affected the market to a greater or lesser extent.

In property we have to play the cards we are dealt. Sometimes the market will benefit the buyer, and sometimes the seller. In all these years the market has rarely suited both buyers and sellers at the same time. But then what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts.

It is essential to understand that the market is continually in flux. We now have the challenge of low stocks of property for sale in West Oxfordshire, and many buyers who are keen to secure their new home. Will this continue? No. Why? Because nothing continues unchanged in property for long. Things are constantly moving.

So, my advice is to play the property, not the market. Find a deal that works for you. Don’t try and wait until we have reached the top of the market to sell, because when you think that the market has reached the top, it will already be too late. Winning in property is finding the right property deal for you when you need it.

If you are looking to buy, considering selling or just interested in finding out how much your home could be worth, please contact Simon or one of the friendly team at Martyn Cox & Company.